Monday, May 4

Rachel's Busy Weekend

I know I haven't been blogging lately, but this weekend was finally exciting enough to write about. Friday my mommy took me to the huge annual flower mart where I hung out with friends, rode the carousel, and watched in awe as Mommy bargained for a great price on the Peruvian blabla sock dolls. Here's my new favorite friend:

Then I had lunch with my Nana and Great Aunt Barb in Tysons Corner. It was so much fun seeing them and Aunt Barb snapped this great picture of me while we were hanging out.When Daddy got home from work we went for a long stroller walk and ended up back to the flower mart again! It was a fun day. Oh, and did I mention that I love my new sunglasses?

On Saturday while Mommy was in Bethany Beach with her mom friends, Daddy took me to the flower mart again to ride the carousel, then I went on a tour of the Nepalese Residence and walked briefly in the Avon Breast Cancer Walk. On the way home we collided with a group of walkers and everyone was beeping their horns at us as they drove by. Later in the day Daddy took me to see The Sippy Cups perform at National Geographic. I danced and ran around and had the best time!

Then we went to a birthday party for Daddy's college friend Kate where I tried to eat a whole cherry tomato (it doesn't work!) and paint my face with bike chain grease. I thought I was being adventurous, but Daddy wasn't amused. We even hit the playground! Look at me, I don't look tired at all:

But eventually I did start getting tired. All I remember after that was that Daddy gave me lots of love and cuddling. I was thinking about how he made my day SO fun that I didn't even miss Mommy that much. So I decided to go right to sleep without giving him a hard time.

Sunday was another fun day even though it was rainy. Daddy took me out to play and I met up with my cousin Benjamin Kotler and his parents. Benjamin took me for a drive:
I was so excited when Mommy came home that I wouldn't let her out of my sight. But I was pretty tired from all the fun with Daddy so I went to bed early before dinner at 5:30pm and slept the whole night. Hope everyone had fun this weekend, too!

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  1. Rachel - looks like SO much fun. I would have loved to ride the ponies with you!

    see you soon.