Monday, April 26

What Would Rob Do? Now in Bookstores!

It's official! Rob's new book, "What Would Rob Do?" hit bookstores over the weekend.
Here it is on the bookshelf at the Barnes & Noble in Rockville, MD.

The Bethesda store sold out of the stock on the shelf on the first day (good sign!).
The best story so far is that the sales person who sold Rob's mom her copy, gave her a hug when she bought it!

The book signings start next week!

Sunday, April 18


We had a great time on our vacation to the Dominican Republic.
Here's our little swimsuit model posing on the beach...

And just dabbing her face with some "sand makeup"

Making sandcastles with Dad...

Putting her feet in the pool in her purple dress, "just like mommy!"

And enjoying relaxing time as a family. (Rachel refused to smile here b/c she was slightly afraid of the guy taking the picture).

Oh, and did we mention that "baby zaza" was there too? He/she liked the dominican music and was kicking like crazy, especially in the middle of the night (Anna is now 7 mos pregnant).

And we had such great beach reading...hint, hint!

Wednesday, April 7

Rachel gets a medal

Yesterday was the last day of gymnastics class and they gave out medals for participation. Here she is on the "podium" and admiring her medal afterward.

And here are a few other pics from this Spring...

Our trip with Amma and Bopa to Williamsburg (here we are riding the shuttle). It was so nice to visit with them!

What a nice day we spent playing in the cherry blossoms at Brookside Gardens with Abby...
We're even having fun on rainy days around here!
And of course, all we talk about these days is PAINTING!

Monday, April 5

Today Rachel discovered painting with sponges and had a great time making art in our backyard. Spring has finally arrived in Washington, DC and the big cherry blossom next to our house is in full bloom. It's pretty spectacular!