Monday, May 11

Mother's Day

I hope all the special people in my life that are mommies had a great Mother's Day yesterday. We missed seeing my Amma, Nana, and Aunt Andrea. Can't wait to see everyone soon.

We had a nice day yesterday. Mommy and Daddy took me out to breakfast with my friend Maggie and her parents. The bread was delicious!

Here is my wonderful friend, Maggie McDonald, who also loves bread.
And then we went out to the zoo! I saw elephants doing tricks and orangutans swinging from ropes!


  1. My god, your photos are AMAZING! Who is the photographer? What kind of camera are you using? GORGEOUS!

  2. What a gorgeous little girl! If you read enough of my blog, you will know that I have four boys, so little girls seem to catch my eye... :)
    Thank you for visiting so that I could find you!
    Have a lovely rest of your week,